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Dear Customer and are upgrading, we move to, please from now place order from! All the best selling items in our new website, better price and service u will get !

Thank you so much for your support!

Why Choose US

Cara is a company dedicated to customer service and quality craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide 100% human hair products, delivered with a focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We value the business our customers give us, and do everything we can to assure satisfaction on every level.

This philosophy starts at the top and continues down the line.

Cara are continually working on quality, process, and service improvement initiatives. Whether it be developing new, more efficient ways to manufacture, developing compensation programs for our employees who deliver on our quality promise, or seeking out the best deals possible with our suppliers, we are adamant that you will never question why you are working with us -only why you didn’t start working with us sooner.

service , on-time delivery.

we use our experience in design and manufacture to work with you to develop a superior canvas product your customers will love

we look at every step in the design and manufacturing process to find ways to add value, cut costs, be more efficient and be as responsive to your needs as we can.

we are in constant communication with you to make sure you are not only happy with our work, but satisfied with our relationship.

In short, we define quality and service as attention to detail, and attention to you.

Who We Are

Cara Hair Products Co., Ltd integrates research, development, production, selling of hair products and hair fiber raw materials into one body, established in 2003, after many years ‘ innovative development, The company has about 500 employees. Our company is mainly engaged in producing and selling 100% human hair, hair extensions, Wigs, training head series products, toupees, hairdressing accessories and tools, which sell well in more than 40 countries in North America, Western Europe, Asia, Africa.


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