full lace? lace front? U-part wig? which one is the best for me?

I know how it can be confuse, that is why today we introduce you our wig collection.

the CARAHAIR COLLECTION features full lace, frontal

lace, closure, 360lace, and wigs with lace or silk top which allows for easy styling.

our wig collection features the most natural look in our wig collection features the most natural looking wig in the market. every wig from our collection is customized and handmade for each individual. our wig are made 100% virgin unprocessed hair. we offer the best quality virgin hair on the market so your wig will be long-lasting .

our full lace and 360 lace wig can be worn in a high ponytail and parted anywhere, giving you countless styling options from everyday hairstyle to glamorous weekend looks.

                                                                               full lace


                                                    360 lace 


            The frontal lace wig can be parted anywhere in the front but cannot be worn in a beautiful ponytail it can only do a half ponytail because the lace is only in the front.


            the lace closure and the silk base lace wig look similar but are different both have a small lace part in the middle, but silk base has silk under the lace.